Ekol Hospital Accepts Patients From Around the World

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Ekol Hospital accepts patients from all over the world with its campus located in İzmir Cigli. It offers a complete and perfect service process to both izmir citizens, citizens of all our countries and overseas patients who reach different countries and request treatment. 5 different language support is offered for all aryan patients, regardless of where in the world. As a result of the interviews and appointments made, all foreign patients landing in Izmir are taken free of charge from either the airport or their hotels according to their demands and their access to the hospital is provided in the safest way.

Diagnosis and Treatment Process with Specialist Doctor Staff

Ekol Hospital offers a fast service for overseas patients. Patients taken from their hotels or airports are delivered to the hospital within the same day and all necessary examinations for diagnosis are carried out on the same day. According to the diagnosis after the examinations, the treatment process begins immediately. If the operation is required, the operation is carried out either on the same day or the next day.

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